Antique Shopping!


My husband and I went to the Ponchatoula Antique Trade Days Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend.  That is in Louisiana near Baton Rouge.  I had a great time and came home with some wonderful accessories!  I am not sure he had quite as much fun…

The festival is a combination of stores and outdoor booths.  Sometimes antique stores can be overwhelming, so I like to search for just one or two types of items to make it easier.  This trip, I was looking for home accessories…specifically glass items or brass objects. 

Here are the fabulous things I brought home:

Brass Animals!  I got the crane for under $4 (yea!!), then found the same one later for $25.  Score!   Brass Animals

This glass vase looks like it could have been from Murano, Italy!  It was the most expensive item we bought…at a whopping $24.50!

Glass Vase

I inherited a similar glass bird from my Mamaw, so I was thrilled to find it some friends (for under $4)!

Glass Birds

This battery operated clock isn’t antique, but it will look great repainted in a bright color ($8)!










These glass urns are opaque black.  They are stunning in person and I can’t wait to find the perfect place for them in our home!  And they were $15 each!

Glass Urns

I love a good bargain and feel great about the items we bought!  Here are some other interesting items that we did not buy:

Blue and white vase with stand

Blue White Glass Vase

Some different styles of bar carts

Bar Carts

Gorgeous chairs!  If only we had the space…


This elephant table is so fun!

Elephant Table

Antique gas pump

Gas Pump

Delicate eggs

Glass Eggs

Pretty marble-top table

Marble Top Table

Fun monkey vase!  (Seth wouldn’t go for this one!)

Monkey Vase

Pink vases!  I love them, but they definitely would not match our current décor.

Pink Vases

I hope you enjoyed seeing our trip to Ponchatoula! 

And thanks to my very patient husband for tagging along and carrying the heavy items!


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