Clever Cabinets – Organize Your Life!


  • Do you have too much clutter??
  • Do you lose your keys (…or cell phone…or sunglasses) every day because they are under a pile of junk??
  • Do you buy a new kitchen gadget – – even though you already have one – – because you couldn’t find it??

If any of these sound like your life, this post is for you!!

Today I will be showing you some clever cabinets that allow you to utilize your existing cabinet space more effectively and keep things visible.

This narrow cabinet slides out and allows you to see items in the back and from both sides!  No more forgotten cans of soup!!  

{Rev-a-Shelf booth at KBIS}

This sliding insert holds knives, keeps them from getting dull or scratched, and glides back to reveal more utensil storage.  Kind of like a double-decker bus for your drawer!!  

{Rev-a-Shelf booth at KBIS}

Instead of having a big pile of kitchen utensils and supplies dumped into a drawer, use this pegboard-like magnetic storage wall to hang frequently used objects! 

{Rev-a-Shelf booth at KBIS}

This clever rack attaches to the inside of a cabinet door and is the perfect size for foil, wax paper, etc.!  

{Rev-a-Shelf booth at KBIS}


These racks also attach to the inside of cabinet doors and are perfect for storing spices!  

{Rev-a-Shelf booth at KBIS}


This pull-out cabinet contains a butcher block for your knives and a utensil cup for your spoons and spatulas.  This puts them within easy reach while  you are cooking!  

{Rev-a-Shelf booth at KBIS}


This looks like an ordinary counter top….

…but it raises up to reveal storage for your toaster, coffee maker, and other small appliances!  

{Hafele booth at KBIS}


This mirror tucks away inside a cabinet…

 …but can rotate out when you want to use it!  (I wonder if this guy reads my blog?!?!)

{Hafele booth at KBIS}


So, with all these clever cabinets, you can make great use of your space and find a place for everything!

Check back next week for more informative posts…and a BIG GIVEAWAY coming soon!

Here is the third hint:  One speaker mentions “ugly baby” in his twitter profile…he has got to be interesting with that sort of bio!!

If you think you know what it is, please leave your guess in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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