Crystal Light Charms


I recently discovered a new product…magnetic, crystal light charms!!  How have I gone this long without knowing about these?!?!?!


They are high-quality, heavy crystals that will stick to any metal surface, such as a lamps, lampshades, candleholders, and light fixtures.  I’m sure there are some lesser quality ones that you might use to decorate for a party, but these are very good quality and look nice enough to leave up permanently.

My husband recently hung a new chandelier in our downstairs office.  I chose something simple and non-frilly to match the style of the rest of the area, but it was a little boring…


I added some magnetic light charms and WOW!  It’s perfect!!



These charms have small magnets on the end and stick very easily.  It literally took longer to open the package than it took to “install” these!

Do you have anything that needs a little more glam???

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