Decorating with Abstract Art


Abstract art is a wonderful way to update your home!  Even if your furniture is more traditional, abstract art can still be used to give your room a more modern look.

I often use a painting as the starting point for decorating a room.  Find a piece of art that you love, then use that as the basis for your color palette.  I normally recommend buying larger furniture items in neutral colors so they will work in a variety of situations and are more timeless.  Then, color can be brought in through art and accessories.  Lamps, pillows, rugs, and frames can be an inexpensive way to tie your color palette together and make a room feel fresh!

Here are some interesting pieces of abstract art:



I love the fuchsia and turquoise in this piece!



Copper is very popular right now and you can find a ton of accessories that will match the metallic copper accents in this painting.



This painting is still abstract, but the neutral colors and landscape scene make it a little more traditional.

Falling Leaves Paris Giclee


This piece would work well with navy upholstered furniture and orange accessories!

Purple Rain I


I love the soothing colors in this piece.

Do you have any abstract art in your home?  What are your favorite sources for art?

Thanks for reading!

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