Design Camp and Las Vegas Market!



Design Camp is just as fun as the name suggests…and a whole lot more!!  Design Camp was created by Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis, celebrity interior designers and HGTV stars!  It is a three-day conference that inspires, educates, recharges, and enlightens!

This was my second time to attend Design Camp and it was even more amazing this time around.  This was the first time Camp was held in conjunction with a market, and Vegas was the perfect venue!  The first day was held at market where “campers” participated in an Instagram scavenger hunt in order to learn about some of the different showrooms.  The Las Vegas Market is five million square feet, so it’s impossible to see all the vendors in one day, but my feet felt like I gave it a good try!  The first day ended with a cocktail party at the wonderful Lexington showroom.  It was a great chance to meet fellow campers, have a glass of wine, and see some beautiful furniture.



The second day of Design Camp was in a large conference room with over 300 campers in attendance.  There were beautiful displays set up by some of the sponsors and a ton of books for sale written by many of the speakers.  The topics for day one included design trends, getting published, understanding builders (which made my head spin), sustainable design, branding, social media, and even legal.  One of the speakers, Henry Lien, is both an attorney who teaches interior design law and an art gallery owner…definitely diverse!  He had some great, practical advice for designers and very entertaining stories!  Day two ended with…what else…a cocktail party hosted by Leftbank Art!


The third day of Design Camp included fantastic speakers on the subjects of business processes, fees, inspirational travel, technology, fabric and furniture line creation, and more branding!  However, the most inspiring speaker was definitely design icon Roger Thomas!  Mr. Thomas is the fabulous designer behind resorts such as the Wynn, Encore, Mirage, and Bellagio.  He charmed the campers with tales of eight-thousand pound chandeliers and crystal dragon heads!  His creativity and the scale in which he thinks blew my mind.  Day three did not end with a cocktail party, as you might guess, but tons and tons of giveaways!


Roger Thomas posing with me and some new friends from my table, Corrie Krzysik and Francia Fusik


Even though I attended a previous Design Camp, each one is very different and you’re guaranteed to learn a ton!  Design Camp is for any level of designer and the networking is invaluable.  I made some great friends over the three days and also came away with many resources I can reach out to with questions as they arise.  I will definitely be back to attend a future Design Camp!  Thanks so much to Kelli and Lori for putting on this fabulous event!!


Here are some additional photos from Design Camp:


Adam Japko, SEO expert and wine guru!


Kelli Ellis posing with my Tweet in the background on the Twitter feed!


The hilarious Kimberley Seldon!  I bought both of her books on the Business of Design!


Alison Victoria from Kitchen Crashers!


Phil Pallen always has the best presentation!  I also got his book Shut Up and Tweet.

I hope to see you next time at Design Camp!  Thanks for reading!


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