Design Camp O.C. Recap!!

Hello!  I
was very lucky to attend Design Camp in Orange County last week and had an AMAZING time!!  It’s just like summer camp when you were a kid, except no mosquitoes, no unairconditioned cabins…just great experiences with new friends.  This incredible camp was created by Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis.

When I arrived at the Orange County airport, it was pouring down rain (not the California weather I was hoping for), but I didn’t let that dampen my excitement.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am not a flashy car person.  I like silver, four doors, no blind spots…  When I got to my rent car, it was a yellow sports car with black racing stripes!  Not exactly an inconspicuous ride! 

Here are a few highlights from Design Camp:

The first evening, there was a mixer at the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom.  Lots of tasty food and drinks!  Since this was my first time to Design Camp and didn’t know anyone attending, I was a bit nervous.  Thankfully, the atmosphere was welcoming, friendly and fun!  On a
related note: Wolf is coming out with an oven with no handle…you just touch the front to open it!

Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis at the mixer.

Day one started with a trend report from Bill Indursky.  It’s hard to tell from this photograph, but he’s wearing a jacket made of bubble wrap!  This guy is not shopping at J. Crew!

Pam Jaccarino, founding editor-in-chief of LUXE Interiors + Design, the largest network of architecture and design magazines in the country, gave a great talk on how to get published!

Kathryn M. Ireland is hilarious!!  I would love to tour around Europe with her hunting for fabulous antiques!

Christopher Kennedy was able to make starting your own furniture line look easy by condensing the process into seven easy steps!  But they are BIG steps!

Adam Japko is a social media marketing genius!  However, I’m still trying to figure out the graph on the “Long Tail Search”!

Bloggers Christian May (Maison21), Julie Thigpen (Belle Maison), and Paloma Contreras (La Dolce Vita) gave a great presentation on social media and getting noticed.  They each have very different methods…especially Christian!…but each had insightful advice.

Timothy Corrigan really helped me understand the importance of a great brand.  His is “A world of comfortable elegance“…and I would like to live there!

Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis, and Jennifer Convy talked about their journies to being television stars…complete with stories about minor stalking, mojitos, and a pink cowboy hat!

Katy Garrett from Connexion Software asked some insightful questions about deciding which clients to work with.  They sound kind of funny, but make great sense!  Such as…Do you like this potential client? Or…Have they offered you a glass of water?

The Camp wrapped up with my favorite, Phil Pallen.  He spoke about brands, social media strategy, and promotion…in a completely fun, wacky way!  Who else can work pigeons in party hats or ugly babies into a Power Point presentation???  And all this wisdom at the ripe old age of twenty-four!  Yep.  I feel old.

I was also LUCKY to win this fabulous leather tote from Mark and Graham!!
It is the perfect size to carry around all my samples, iPad, notes, etc.  It is a classic style and can be monogrammed.  Thanks so much to Mark and Graham!

I learned something valuable from every speaker at Design Camp.  It was a talented, inspiring group.  After two days, I had about 30 pages of notes, a stack of business cards, and a To Do list a mile long!!

As I sped off to the airport in my flashy yellow car with a suitcase full of swag, I was so glad I had made the trip to Design Camp!  I’m hooked and will be back!


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