DIY Restoring Wood Pedestals


I love unique décor and furniture items!  I’m always on the hunt for unusual things that need fixing up.  I usually have at least two or three projects in the works…or projects I have delegated to my sweet husband (he has better tools and doesn’t complain about ruining his nails)!

My dad recently brought us two of these amazing wood pedestals!


They were a little banged up, but so pretty!!  I previously read good things about Howard’s Restor-A-Finish on other blogs, so decided to give it a try!

Here’s a close up of the wood:


Howard’s was super easy to use!  We cleaned up the columns, then lightly sanded them.  We wiped them clean again, then applied Howard’s Restor-A-Finish with a rag.  It only took a small amount of product on a rag to bring back the deep wood tone and shine!

The bottom part of this column has been treated with Howard’s:


Here is a final shot of the column.  I covered the top with some leftover tile.  So far, these two pedestals are more decorative, but I’m looking for ideas on how to use them.  One idea is to have a granite top cut out of remnants and make a bar-height table.  Do y’all have any other ideas???  If so, leave them in the comments section.


Neat…right???  I am so thrilled to find something that makes some of my DIY projects a little easier!  Our front door is needing some TLC, so we may try Howard’s for that!

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  1. Stevi Gibson says:

    I would have a remnant piece of Calcutta Marble fabricated into a long rectangular piece and then use the two stands as feet. Could use as a sofa table or for a foyer entry. Love it–looks beautiful!

    • Tiffani Stutzman says:

      Thanks, Stevi!! It would be a bit high for a sofa table, but in a foyer or someplace else without restraints on height, it could work. The warmth of the wood with Calcutta would be really pretty! Thanks for the tip!!

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