Easy Napkin Folding for Thanksgiving


We will have ten people for Thanksgiving this year, but our dining table only holds six comfortably.  Thankfully, two of the people are under the age of three, so they don’t take up much room!  We all like to sit together and don’t want to ship off four people to eat in the breakfast area, so we will be serving dinner buffet style and minimizing the items on the table.

We would still like to have place cards (so each child will have adults around to assist/minimize damage LOL!), but don’t have room on the table for full formal place settings.  So, at each seat we are having folded napkins that contain all the needed silverware with attached name cards.  People will pick up their plates as they go through the buffet line, then find their place at the table.

Here are some easy place cards that can be made quickly:


Lay down a piece of cardboard in your garage. Place a faux leaf on the cardboard.


Spray paint the faux leaf with a metallic spray paint.


When the paint is dry, flip over the leaf and paint the other side.


Use a sharpie or paint pen to write the guest’s name on the leaf.


Then, here is a super easy way to fold napkins with silverware and place cards:


Iron your napkins and table cloth.


Lay napkin flat with “wrong side” facing up.


Place a paper napkin on top of the cloth napkin so that the bottom of the paper aligns with the middle of the cloth. It’s always nice to place a paper napkin inside a cloth napkin in case a guest has any pieces of gristle or fat they need to dispose of and don’t want to use the cloth napkin.  My mother taught me this handy tip!


Lay the silverware on top of the paper napkin.


Fold the bottom half of the cloth napkin up over the top half.


Fold the bottom right corner up to the center.


Fold the bottom left corner up to the center so a triangle is formed.


Gather the napkin together in your hand.


Slide on a napkin ring to hold the napkin form.


Place the stem of the leaf into the napkin ring. You now have a napkin/silverware set you can place in front of each chair!


I hope you and your loved ones have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for reading!


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