Easy Thanksgiving Placecards


Hello!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so I wanted to show you how to make easy Thanksgiving placecards.  They are super simple and can be done pretty quickly.


Here are the supplies you will need:


  • Small plastic pumpkins – These will be used as the base for your placecards. If you are having 10 guests, you’ll need 10 pumpkins.  I bought these at Hobby Lobby on sale for 70 cents each!  They are meant to be used in floral arrangements, but will work just fine for this project.


  • Gold spray paint – I used Valspar Gold Metallic spray paint.


  • Gold paint pen – Fine tip works best.
  • Placecards – Get these at some place like Office Depot. You could also make rectangular cards from old paint chip samples or other card stock material.
  • Small paperclips
  • Ice pick
  • Wire cutters or garden clippers


Here are the steps to make your placecards:


  • Cut off the long stick that is attached to the bottom of the pumpkin. I used garden clippers because they were pretty tough to cut through and normal scissors would not work.
  • Lay all your pumpkins on a large piece of cardboard.


  • Spray paint the pumpkins. You will need to turn them various directions to get all sides.  Let pumpkins dry between each coat.


  • Use your gold paint pen to write guests’ names on the placecards. Fold placecards in half (if tent style).
  • Straighten out the outside part of a small paperclip.



  • Insert the placecard into the remaining section of the paperclip that forms a loop. The single straight piece should be on the name side and the loop should be on the back side.



  • Take the ice pick and poke a small hole by the pumpkin stem. I just used the tip of the ice pick.


  • Insert the long straight part of the paperclip into the hole in the pumpkin.

That was super easy…right???  Now place the pumpkin placecard on top of each place setting so guests know where to be seated.


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!   Thanks for reading!


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