Elements of a Great Foyer


If you are itching to redecorate your home but are limited on time or money (or both!), your foyer is one of the quickest and easiest projects to tackle.  Here are the elements of a great foyer to ensure your entry way is welcoming.

Console Table:  A console table is the anchor of good foyer design.  It needs to be large enough to hold some lamps and a few decorative accessories, but should not crowd into the space or be in the way of entering.  If you have an old chest or dresser, sometimes these pieces can work well as a console table, but make sure they aren’t too large for the space.



Rug:  A rug adds color and texture to your foyer, but can also catch dust that might be tracked in.



Lighting:  Lamps are a fantastic way to provide soft lighting and set a relaxing mood.  I prefer the symmetry of using a pair of lamps if your space allows.



Art:  Your foyer is the perfect place for a large piece of art!  Choose art that is approximately the same width or slightly narrower than your console table.



Decorative Tray or Bowl:  Place a decorative tray or bowl on the console table.  This gives you a place to toss your keys so you never lose them again!



Chair or Stool:  A chair or stool (or a pair!) gives you a place to take off your shoes or set your purse.  These items can also be brought into the living area for additional seating when you are entertaining.



Combining these elements will make for a beautiful, yet functional, foyer your guests will love!



Please contact Tiffani Stutzman Design if you would like to book a two-hour consult to help you get started on a makeover for your foyer.

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