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I love doing DIY projects!  Or should I say I love the end result of a DIY project!?!?  My wonderful husband has had to step in and help  out with a few projects that were harder than they looked!

I really like the look of glossy, painted furniture in fun colors, but they do not fit into the decorating scheme of our home…anywhere.  I have done a couple of pieces in high gloss black with gold handles that integrate well, but my dream of a hot pink desk won’t be coming true anytime soon!

Today I thought I’d show you some great examples of glossy, painted furniture.  Some are DIY…some are from retailers…  If you’d like to integrate something like this into your home, there are thousands of blogs on the proper techniques to use if you choose the DIY route.  Here’s a hint:  they involve sandpaper and something more than a can of spray paint!!

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Sarah M. Dorsey Designs



One Kings Lane



Do or DIY



Little Black Door


image_4 (2)

Kim Macumber Interiors



Simple Details



Emily A. Clark



Ivy and Vine



One Kings Lane



One Kings Lane


RX-HGMAG009_Rescued-Resold-108-a_4x3_lg (1)




Ivy and Vine



Lonny Magazine/ Tracy DeRamus


Have you ever painted furniture??  I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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  1. Stevi Gibson says:

    I recently bought a side table at goodwill and used a nice oil based paint in cobalt (the color of the year). It truly turned out beautiful. And the oil paint does not leave streaks–it looks like it was professionally painted. As for me, I’m leaving the spray paint behind! Great post Tiffani!

    • Tiffani Stutzman says:

      Thanks for the tip! I have only tried oil paint on a few things and I’m just so impatient…it takes forever to dry! I should try again, though. I’d love to see a picture (you can email to me).

      Sorry for the delayed responses. I just migrated my blog and am still working out a few issues…like not getting notification for comments!! 😉

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