The First Things You Should Buy for Your New Home


Hello!  Moving into a new home can be overwhelming!  It always takes twice as many boxes as you estimated…and unpacking feels like it takes a year.  The “to do” list when you move seems miles long and ranges from finding a new cable company to lining your cabinets with shelf paper (and you can guess which one almost always drops off the list!).  Moving into a new home also comes with tons of expenses, so it’s important to know the first things you should buy for your new home.

In my opinion, window treatments are the first thing you should buy for your new home.  You won’t make a good first impression on your new neighbors if they see you unpacking boxes in your ratty PJs at all hours of the night!  Start with some sort of basic shade or blind that will give you privacy, then add more decorative drapery panels as you begin decorating your space.


Here is a neutral shade that provides privacy, but it definitely looks unfinished without draperies!

Window Treatments: Stage 1

My favorite way to do window treatments is in two stages.  First, start with a neutral-colored shade or blind.  I like blinds or woven wood shades in white, cream, grey or tan.  Avoid blinds in a dark wood tone because they show dust like crazy!  These shades will give you visual privacy from nosy neighbors and can also save on heating and cooling costs.  Shades come with no lining, a lighter lining that allows light to show through but obscures the interior view somewhat, or heavy blackout lining.  I recommend blackout lining for all bedrooms and bathrooms, a light lining for the rooms in the front of the house, and no lining on the back windows of the home (as long as neighbors cannot see into your backyard).  If necessary, you can exist with only shades for a long time…but your room may look sparse and unfinished.

Window Treatments: Stage 2

The second stage of installing window treatments is adding decorative panels.  Once you have your furniture arranged and have started hanging art in the rooms, it’s time to add decorative window panels.  Look at the colors of furniture and art in each room.  Select drapery panels that coordinate with those colors, but are also basic enough to still work if you change accent colors in a room.  I usually go with a solid colored drapery panel; if you pick a pattern, trends may change or you may grow tired of it.  I mean…who wants to look at chevron-printed draperies for years!?!?


Here is a solid blue drapery panel with cream colored shades.

When selecting drapery panels, choose panels that are long enough to go from the ceiling (or crown molding) to the floor.  Never hang your draperies where they don’t reach the floor.  That is the fashion equivalent of wearing pants that are too short!  Draperies should either skim the floor or “puddle” on the ground.  Choose a wide-diameter drapery rod that extends out beyond the edges of your window for a more professional look.


These are draperies that “puddle” on the floor.


Notice the rod is hung as high as possible…up to the crown molding.

For more guidance on the first things you should buy for your new home, see this article on where my tip is featured, along with many other suggestions.  My favorite idea in this article is side tables!  After all that unpacking, you are going to need a LOT of wine and definitely need somewhere to rest your glass!!!

If you need help with window treatments or decorating your new home, contact me here.

Thanks for reading!