How to Decorate that Boring Guest Room in Your Home


Do you have a terrible guest bedroom??  Does the room have only a bed and nothing else??  It’s time to do something with that embarrassing room!  You just need a little help to get started.

First, find a piece of art that you love which can be used as an inspiration piece for the room.  It can be something you currently own or something new.  Here is an example:



Next, determine the three main colors in the art.  It works best if one of the colors is a neutral like grey, cream, or tan.  For the piece of art from above, the colors are white, grey, and yellow.  These colors will make up the color palette for the room.

The elements of a good guest room are:

Bed with nice sheets and comfortable pillows – I like to keep a couple of extra pillows in the closet with varying levels of firmness.

Bedding – Select a coverlet or comforter that contains one of more of the colors from your art.  I like to use a solid-colored bedspread, then add in additional color through decorative throw pillows.









Nightstand – This nightstand should be big enough to hold a lamp, a bottle of water, and a couple of decorative accessories or magazines.



Lamp – This allows guests to read in bed at night.



Bench or accent chair – This is a place where guests can place their belongings or sit down to put on their shoes.



Mirror – Every guest needs a place to check their appearance!



Window coverings – Make sure the shades or drapes can allow light in during the day, but can also be closed for privacy.

Alarm clock – Even though many guests use their phone as an alarm clock, it is still nice to be able to see the time during the night.

Decorative items – Find a few accessories in shades from your color palette.  This might include additional art, a vase, tray for jewelry, candles, or picture frames.



Night light – This will keep guests from bumping into things during the night.

Waste basket – Give guests a place to dispose of trash instead of carting to another location in your house.

Shop online or in person for items from this list that contain the colors of your color palette.  Target is a great source for inexpensive bedding, small furniture items, and decorative accessories!

Once you get all the items set up in your guest room, take it for a test run.  It’s always a good idea to sleep overnight in your guest bedroom to make sure it isn’t lacking anything a guest might need.  Congratulations!!  This guest room will even impress your Mother-In-Law!

If you need help creating a fabulous room your guests will love, contact me here.

Thanks for reading!

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