Inspiration from New York City

Hello!  I recently took a trip to New York City.  I love visiting New York…the architecture, the fashion, the culture, the food…AND the shopping, of course!!  It is such a fun place to visit and is great for inspiration.  I think travel is one of the best ways to learn more about different styles of design and stimulate creativity.  Here are some of the things I found inspiring in New York City.

Hotel Design

Hotel design is one of my favorite things when travelling!  Normally, the finishes and fabrics are not something you see in everyday design, and the scale can be massive!


This is the headboard in our room at the Park Central Hotel. I love the iridescent wall covering!


This is art in the lobby of the hotel. I love the way the lighting enhances the spring colors!


This is the registration desk at the hotel. Look at that massive piece of natural stone…I can only imagine what it weighs!

Black and White

New York is always a few steps ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to design and décor trends.  This summer, the black and white trend was everywhere!  This trend showed up in tile, furniture, and clothing.


This black and white tile at the Ann Sacks showroom was fabulous!


This furniture vignette features fabric and wall coverings from the Kelly Wearstler Groundworks Collection for Lee Jofa. This beautiful use of black and white is in the D&D Building.


The bathroom in our hotel room also used black and white tile for a fresh, modern look.

Opulent  Decor

I love seeing the opulent décor that is used in hotels and bars.  This over-the-top style looks great in commercial spaces, but needs to be scaled back for residential use…unless you are someone like Elton John!


One afternoon, we visited the Top of the Standard Hotel. There is a rooftop bar called the High Line with an art deco style, gold bar in the center of the room.


Orb chandeliers decorate the ceiling and provide lots of “bling”. A similar look could be achieved in a residence with a single, smaller chandelier.


Even though it was a cloudy day, the view from The Top of the Standard was still fantastic! That tallest building behind us is Freedom Tower.


Marble has been used for centuries in architecture and design.  It has really increased in popularity over the last couple of years and can be seen in bathrooms and kitchens everywhere!


I saw this marble sign while walking the streets of NYC. The scale of it is enormous!!


The Ann Sacks showroom had many displays showing marble tile and vanities. 

Intricate Architectural Details

It amazes me to see the intricate architectural details in many of the buildings of New York.


The ceiling above one of the dinosaur exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History is amazing!


Here’s another remarkable ceiling in the Great Hall at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.


I passed this amazing building while in an Uber car in NYC (building name unknown).

Large-Scale Sculpture

Perhaps some of the most inspiring things around New York are the large-scale sculptures!  The artists who create these masterpieces have such talent!


This sculpture by Lionel Smit depicts the ability to see both the past and the future. It is on display in Union Square through April 2017.


The Statue of Liberty might be the most recognizable sculpture in our country! Did you know that the statue is constructed of copper and its green color comes from the aging of that copper? This is called patina.

I hope you have been inspired by these sites around New York City.  Where are some of your favorite places to travel for inspiration???

Thanks for reading!

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