New and Improved! Website and Blog



I wanted to let you know I’ve spent about a million hours converting both my website and blog to new platforms.  The old blog posts are all moved over, but the formatting is kind of ugly, so please disregard.  If I ever have time, I will fix 😉  The new website has some additional client photos, testimonials, etc., so please check it out.

I have signed up some users from the old blog that I can remember, but I have definitely missed some of you.  Please subscribe to the new blog here.

Also, I have a big giveaway coming up soon that you won’t want to miss!!  I’ll give you a hint:  One of the people involved in this giveaway just wrote a new book that was released this week!  If you think you know what the giveaway is, please leave your guess in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!


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