Outdoor Hanging Beds

Hello!  I
am enchanted with the idea of an outdoor hanging bed.  I don’t know how practical these items might
be, but I sure love how they look!  Below
are some of my favorites.


This is another view of the same bed, but in a
poolside setting.


Here is one under a covered
patio, so it might be easier to keep clean!

{The Porch Swing Company}

I would love watching sunsets from this one!

{Vintage Porch Swings}

If you prefer something more traditional, this
one might be for you!  It is more of a
porch swing style and can be customized with cushions to match the exterior of
your home.

{Hanging Porch Beds}

This last one is from a private residence available
for vacation rentals in Kenya.  I could
spend hours relaxing in a setting like this!

{Safari Now}

I am definitely in the mood for vacation
now!  Hope you enjoyed!


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