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Hello!  I got some exciting news today…I was one of two designers quoted in an article on FoxNews.com!!!  The article is titled, “Sick of Open Floor Plans? Try these 5 Tricks to Separate Your Space”.  The article originally appeared on Realtor.com, but was picked up on FoxNews.com and appeared in the real estate section under lifestyle.  The article gives advice on how to separate your space when you are tired of open floor plans.


Ways to Separate Your Space

The five tricks to separate your space included in the article are:

  • Add ceiling beams
  • Use color
  • Install columns
  • Put in French doors
  • Set up bookcases

To see more detail about each of these tips, read the full article here.

Additional Ways to Separate Your Space

In addition to the tricks listed in the article, here are two more suggestions:

  • Flooring or rugs are a great way to define spaces. In an open floor plan, you can switch between different colors/styles of tile, or switch to a different material like wood or carpet to define different zones.  Even if you have the same flooring throughout the space, adding a large area rug that all the furniture in that section is placed on will define the space as separate.
  • Defining spaces in an open floor plan can be as simple as furniture placement. Imaging creating a rectangle or circle with each “room” of furniture.  For the living room area, have the sofa make one side of the rectangle and two chairs with a side table in between make the other side.  A coffee table can go in the center.  For the dining area, a table with chairs around it defines one side of the grouping with a buffet or hutch marking the other side.  You can also do small groupings of furniture clustered around a focal point like a fireplace.

Thanks so much to FoxNews.com and Realtor.com for featuring my suggestions in their article!  If you have an open floor plan you are tired of and want help figuring out ways to separate the space, contact me here.

Thanks for reading!

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