Serene She Shed


In the past, “Man Caves” were very popular and got a lot of press on television makeover shows and in articles.  Not to be left out, women created “She Sheds” – the feminine version of the manly retreat!  Both types of rooms require a space like a garage or basement that is devoted to relaxing and hanging out.  A company in the UK, Tiger Sheds, makes garden sheds that can be turned into these relaxing retreats.  They have a blog that features a different style of Man Cave or She Shed each month.  The first month features a serene She Shed interior decorating scheme and I had a tip featured on the blog.





In addition to the tips listed in the post, here are a few more ways to create a serene She Shed:

  • The foundation of a serene interior is lighting. No matter how calming your room is, if you have bright, harsh lighting, the room won’t be serene.  Lighting should be done in layers for different types of activities.  When doing certain tasks such as crafting, you want a brighter light that can be provided by overhead lighting.  However, when you are relaxing or watching TV, you want softer light.  This soft light can come from lamps or an overhead light fixture on a dimmer.
  • Color is another important element in creating a serene interior. Soft or dark colors create a more serene environment than bright ones.  Examples of soft colors are pale blue, blush pink, or light grey.  Examples of dark colors are navy blue, plum, or sage green.  Use soft or dark colors for wall paint, upholstery, and rugs.
  • One final tip for creating a serene interior: minimize the use of accessories and stick to larger pieces.  When decorating, use one large item instead of multiple small items.  Where there are numerous smaller objects on a table top, bookcase, or wall, the eye darts around taking in all the items.  When there is one large object, the eye can land on one thing and it is more visually “restful”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on creating a serene She Shed.  Thanks to The Hip Horticulturist for featuring my tip on their blog series about inspired interiors.  If you need help creating your personal oasis, contact me for a consultation.

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