The New Look of Brass


For the last couple of years, brass has slowly been creeping back into the design world.  I recently attended market in Atlanta and it was EVERYWHERE!  When you think of brass, do you immediately think of the gaudy, bright gold faucets in your parents’ bathroom in 1982??  Well, let me tell you…this is not your mother’s brass!

The brass today is warm, soft, and inviting.  It can be mixed with other metals for a contemporary look.  It looks fantastic with natural stone, such as marble or granite.  It can be found everywhere…furniture, faucets, lighting, hardware, and accessories!

Here are some of my favorite brass items:

Brass light fixture


Brass cabinet hardware


Brass side table


Brass writing desk


Brass bathroom faucet


So, would you try brass in your home???

Thanks for reading!


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