Tile Patterns

Hello!  Part
of the beauty of tile can be the pattern in which it is laid.  The patterns that will work well depend on
the size and layout of your space, as well as the tile selected.  Here are some options:

Straight – The tile is placed parallel to the
wall or entry way.

{Eric Watson}

Diagonal – The tile is set at a forty-five
degree angle from the wall or entry way.

{Elizabeth Dinkel Design}

Offset – The tile is laid in a brick pattern.

{Rachel Reider Interiors}

Modular – Three or more different sized tiles
are used to create a pattern.

{Chad Powell}

Herringbone – Tiles are laid in a crisscross
pattern at ninety degree angles.

{Chad Powell}

Pinwheel – A small square tile is surrounded
by four larger ones.

{Suburban Tile & Stone}

Along with pattern, the size, shape, and
direction of tile can make a room feel larger…or more cozy.  For example, if rectangular tiles are laid vertically
from the entry way, a room can appear longer.  If you’d like a narrow space to seem wider,
lay rectangular tiles horizontally.  Tile
comes in so many amazing colors, sizes, and shapes…the possibilities are

Have a great day!


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