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Hello!  Out of all the rooms in your home, you probably spend the most time in your bedroom.  Since this is such an important space, doesn’t it make sense to really love it???  Today I’ll discuss ways to take your bedroom from blah to beautiful!


Photo Credit: Melissa Oivanki

  • The foundation of a serene bedroom is lighting.  No matter how calming your room is, if you have bright, harsh lighting, the room won’t be relaxing.  Lighting should be done in layers for different types of activities.  When doing certain tasks, such as getting dressed or cleaning, you probably want brighter light that can be provided by the overhead lighting.  Can lights are fantastic for this.  However, when you are relaxing or watching TV, you want softer light.  This soft light can come from lamps or an overhead light fixture on a dimmer.  Task lighting is very important for reading or putting on makeup.  This light can be provided by reading lamps or sconces positioned where the task will be performed.

Photo Credit: Melissa Oivanki

  • Color is the second element in creating a special bedroom. Soft or dark colors create a more serene environment than bright ones.  Examples of soft colors are pale blue, blush pink, or light grey.  Examples of dark colors are navy blue, plum, or sage green.  Use soft or dark colors for wall paint, upholstery, and rugs.

Photo Credit: Melissa Oivanki

  • The third element in creating a special bedroom is texture. Items with a comfortable, plush texture create a more relaxing space than hard or shiny textures.  Items such as a chair covered in velvet fabric, an area rug with silk fibers, a reclaimed wood table, or throw pillows covered in faux fur are great examples of objects that help create a calming space.  A lacquered table, a chrome light fixture, or a metal chair are cold, hard textures that do not work well in a serene environment.

Photo Credit: Melissa Oivanki

  • Nightstands are essential in creating a special bedroom that is also comfortable. Each person should have a side table or nightstand on their side of the bed that is at the same height as the mattress or a bit higher.  This gives a person somewhere to place an alarm clock or digital device, a bottle of water, glasses, a book, and any other bedtime necessities.  I prefer a nightstand with drawers so that personal items can be tucked away.



Photo Credit: Melissa Oivanki

  • A chair or bench is another item that is essential in creating a special bedroom that is also comfortable. This gives you a place to set your purse or put on your shoes.  This can also be a great spot for reading.


  • One final tip for creating a special bedroom: minimize the use of accessories and stick to larger pieces.  When decorating, use one large item instead of multiple small items.  Where there are numerous smaller objects on a table top, bookcase, or wall, the eye darts around taking in all the items.  When there is one large object, the eye can land on one thing and it is visually more relaxing.

If you’d like more tips on how to make your bedroom special, check out this article by Michelle Ullman on  I really appreciate including some of my tips in their article!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for decorating your bedroom.  If you would like some professional assistance or advice, please contact me here.

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